heartstringcore SAID: Damn, I should have expected you to answer that. Too easy. :/ Hmm. OKAY, would you rather -- sneak into the Slytherin dormitories and steal Draco's - err - boxers/briefs/WHATEVER HE WEARS *flushes from embarrassment* OR would you defy Snape. Oh, my. Correction, THE PROFESSOR SNAPE? :O

Too easy? I can assure you that it was quite the challenge, my dear! But I believe this one has taken the cake… -flushes as well from embarrassment- Well, I…oh Merlin, this one really does take the cake. However, because I hardly want to give Draco another reason to walk around as if he was King of Hogwarts I would have to choose to defy, with respect, Professor Snape instead of stealing Draco’s knickers.

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